Our advocacy promotes policies and actions that support the growth and success of organic seed systems. We advocate for farmer and breeder rights. The issues we address include concentrated ownership of seed, restrictive intellectual property practices, and the challenges genetic engineering poses to seed integrity.


Read our most recent policy comments and positions here.


Read the executive summary of our 2016 State of Organic Seed report


We engage in policy actions, discussions, and research at the national level. This includes convening diverse members of the organic community to identify and address barriers to organic seed system development. We respond to timely needs, from developing web-based resources and tools (see Organic Seed Finder) to conducting surveys, writing reports (see State of Organic Seed), and providing public comments to influence agency and congressional decisions. Organic Seed Alliance is a member of the National Organic Coalition.


We communicate regularly to a growing network of seed stakeholders through social media (see Seed Broadcast) and our quarterly newsletter. Our  Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative recognizes farmers as seed innovators. We work to promote and protect this role.


Advocacy articles:


"Seed Privatization and the Path Toward Equitable Exchange" (Proceedings, Seeds & Breeds for 21st Century Ag, 2014)

"USDA Must Protect Farmers from GE Seed" (Great Falls Tribune, 2014)

"Free the Seeds" (In Good Tilth, 2014)

"Organic Seed for Our Future" (Certified Organic, 2013)

"Discovery of Genetically Modified Wheat in Oregon Highlights Regulatory Failures" (Oregonian, 2013)

"Monsanto's Growing Monopoly" (Salon.com, 2013)

"Remembering the 'People's Department'" (Tilth Producers Quarterly, 2012)

"Speak Your Piece: The President and Seed" (Daily Yonder, 2011)

"Who'll Own Your Seed?" (Daily Yonder, 2011)

"Charting a Course for Seed Self-Determination" (Organic Farming Research Foundation, 2011)

"Seed Fellows Talking Shop" (In Good Tilth, 2009)

"Monsanto Buys Seminis" (NewFarm, 2005)

"The Next Great Challenge: Breeding Seed for Organic Systems" (Organic Farming Research Foundation, 2004)


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“The resources that OSA has made available to the larger seed community are amazing. Having an advocacy organization dedicated to seed education and organic seed production makes my job as a seed producer so much easier.”


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