Sebastian Aguilar, Greenbank Farm, President

Sebasitan is the farm program director at the Greenbank Farm training center on Whidbey Island, WA, where he teaches begining farmers small-scale organic commercial vegetable production and business skills. He has farmed organic vegetables for the past 13 years with his wife Kelly and together they have three children and live in Ashland, Oregon. Sebastian has saved seed on a small scale since he began farming and has recently began growing vegetable seeds on contract. Sebastian is also involved in several variety trials in partnership with OSA and is excited to now join the board and help OSA continue to provide agriculture with a sustainable and diverse crop genetics base.



Zea Sonnabend, California Certified Organic Farmers, Treasurer

Zea has been an organic farmer, gardener, inspector, educator, policy analyst, organizer, and consumer or the past thirty years. She grew older, wiser, and organic figs in Tehama County, CA from 1982 - 1989. She is currently an organic farm inspector and materials policy advisor for California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and coordinates the Ecological Farming Conference at Asilomar, CA every January. She helped write the first certification handbook and materials list for organic farming in California, is a founder of the Organic Materials Review Institute, and has worked for the USDA and NOSB as a contractor to develop the National List. She is a lifetime member of the Seed Saver's Exchange and has taught classes in Seed Saving at the UC Davis Student Farm and at the UCSC Farm and Garden since 1986. She has a Masters of Science in Plant Breeding from Cornell University.



Ken Greene, Hudson Valley Seed Library

Ken Greene is co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, a project he germinated in a small town library that has now blossomed into a seed company and organic seed farm devoted to producing seed for home gardeners and farmers, fostering a regional seed-saving community, and celebrating the diversity of seeds through art.



Amy Grondin, Sustainable Seafood Consultant

Since 1993 Amy Grondin has worked on boats in the Alaska Salmon industry as a fish buyer, micro-processor of wild salmon and a commercial fisherman. When not on the water, she is a Sustainable Seafood Consultant and Commercial Fishing Outreach Specialist. A long time member of Slow Food and the Chefs Collaborative, she advocates for sustainable local food systems and has great concern for the sustainability of ocean resources.



Adrienne Shelton, Vitalis Organic Seeds

Adrienne is the Product Development Coordinator at High Mowing Organic Seeds, and a Seed Matters post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research includes policy analysis and advocacy to support public plant breeding programs at Land Grant Universities. She earned a master's degree in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics and a doctorate in Environment and Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is proud to have participated in the breeding and release of 'Who Gets Kissed?', an open-pollinated sweet corn bred for and with organic farmers. Adrienne has been involved with the organic farming movement as a farmer, organizer, seed saver, and breeder for 15 years.  



Ira Wallace, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Ira is a worker/owner of the cooperatively managed Southern Exposure Seed Exchange where she coordinates variety selection and seed grower contracts. She is committed to increasing the number of small organic seed growers and supporting the formation of a southeastern seed growers cooperative. Ira is a member of Acorn Community which farms over 60 acres of certified organic land in Central Virginia, growing seeds, alliums, hay, and conducting variety trials for Southern Exposure. She is also a principal organizer of the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, was involved with the SARE-sponsored Saving Our Seeds Project and organizes and presents at events sponsored by the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers (VABF), Virginia Master Gardeners, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA), and Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG).



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“Organic seed is the foundation of organic agriculture and sustainable food systems, and the only true response to GMOs. I support OSA because it provides the technical expertise and organizational structure to establish regionally appropriate organic seed systems.”


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