Download Registration - Pacific Northwest Plant Breeding Assessment of Needs, 2016

This report analyzes input from targeted stakeholders, including farmers, plant breeders, seed companies, food industry, and others, throughout the PNW on regional priorities for organic plant breeding. It delivers the input of the participants as stakeholder-prioritized breeding recommendations, including: 1. ranking of priority traits by crop, 2. identification of organic breeding priorities that address broad production challenges within sub-regions of the PNW, and 3. identification of opportunities for future research, education and development efforts and potential collaborations to address the needs of organic stakeholders in the region.

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“We know system diversity is one of the foundation stones to successful organic production and we have seen a demonstrated commitment from OSA to build that component of diversity relating to seed. I want to ensure my dollars to on-the-ground projects, a place where an emphasis to make an enduring difference is part of the mandate and where my dollars can be leveraged to build a stronger, healthier food system around the world.”


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