On-Farm Variety Trials Workshop

December 3, 2015 | Bozeman, Montana 
Join OSA's Steve Peters and co-host Lake County Community Development for this daylong training. Learn how to conduct variety trials on your farm to identify the best performing varieties available for your local growing conditions. This workshop provides training in basic on-farm experimental design as well as the tools to efficiently and effectively plan, manage, and evaluate a variety trial and use trial results. 

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Montana Organic Association Annual Conference
December 3-5, 2015 | Bozeman, Montana
Join OSA's Kristina Hubbard at this year's Montana Organic Association Annual Conference in Bozemen, Montana. We'll be presenting findings from our current State of Organic Seed project, an ongoing project to monitor the status of organic seed systems in the U.S.
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8th Organic Seed Growers Conference

February 4-6, 2016 | Corvallis, Oregon
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the 8th Organic Seed Growers Conference to be held February 4 - 6, 2016, in Corvallis, Oregon. The biennial Organic Seed Growers Conference brings together hundreds of farmers, plant breeders, researchers, university extension, certifiers, food companies, seed production and distribution companies, and other organic stakeholders in two days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking events. What is it all about? Here's what our participants' have to say about this one-of-a-kind gathering (video below or click here).

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“No other organization’s efforts match the work of Organic Seed Alliance. Their research, advocacy, education, and support have had consistent, positive impacts on my organic seed farm.”


Beth Rasgorshek

Canyon Bounty Farm

Nampa, Idaho