Volunteer Work Parties with OSA

1st and 3rd Friday of every month | Chimacum, Washington

Join OSA's research team for our Volunteer Work Parties the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at our research farm at Brown Farm in Chimacum, Washington. This is a great opportunity to become more engaged in OSA's work and learn about organic farming, plant breeding, harvesting methods, and seed saving. 

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Field Day and Farmer Training

July 12, 2015 | Gilroy, California

Join OSA's Jared Zystro and Steve Peters at Welten Farms in Gilroy, California from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. for a field day and farmer training. Participants will tour OSA's organic field trials, which include over 30 varieties of cabbage, kale, and cauliflower, and learn simple techniques for conducting variety trials on their own farms.

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Seed Savers Exchange Conference and Campout

July 17 - 19, 2015 | Decorah, Iowa

Join OSA's Micaela Colley and Jared Zystro for this year's annual Seed Savers Exchange Conference and Campout in Decorah, Iowa. Look for how-to workshops presented by OSA and be the first to purchase the new book The Seed Garden: The Art and Practice of Seed Saving, co-authored and edited by OSA and Seed Savers Exchange. 

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National Association of Plant Breeders Annual Meeting

July 27 - 30, 2015 | Pullman, Washington

Join OSA's Micaela Colley and CIOA project partners at this year's National Association of Plant Breeders Annual Meeting in Pullman, Washington. This year's event theme is "identifying and utilizing genetic diversity" and will include workshops, keynote addresses, graduate presentations, and research posters around the subject.

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Student Organic Seed Symposium

August 9 - 12, 2015 | Madison, Wisconsin

OSA's Jared Zystro and Laurie McKenzie will present at this year's Student Organic Seed Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin. Entering its fourth year, this symposium was incepted to create a scientific community in which graduate students, researchers, farmers, and industry professionals could build relationships and form collaborations to develop the organic seed movement. 
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8th Organic Seed Growers Conference

February 4 - 6, 2016 | Corvallis, Oregon
SAVE THE DATE for the 8th Organic Seed Growers Conference to be held February 4 - 6, 2016, in Corvallis, Oregon. The biennial Organic Seed Growers Conference brings together hundreds of farmers, plant breeders, researchers, university extension, certifiers, food companies, seed production and distribution companies, and other organic stakeholders in two days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking events. What is it all about? Here's what our participants' have to say about this one-of-a-kind gathering (video below or click here).

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“We know system diversity is one of the foundation stones to successful organic production and we have seen a demonstrated commitment from OSA to build that component of diversity relating to seed. I want to ensure my dollars to on-the-ground projects, a place where an emphasis to make an enduring difference is part of the mandate and where my dollars can be leveraged to build a stronger, healthier food system around the world.”


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