Micaela Colley, Executive Director


Contact: micaela@seedalliance.org

Micaela Colley is the executive director of Organic Seed Alliance (OSA). She holds degrees in soil science and horticulture from Oregon State University, and 16 years in the organic seed field. She is the author of several publications on organic seed and leads OSA’s research and education programs focused on organic seed production and farmer-participatory breeding for organic cropping systems. Micaela is launching a PhD program in 2016 under Dr. Edith Lammerts van Bueren, Wageningen University, focused on organic plant breeding. She enjoys her personal time playing in the garden, farm, or kitchen with her two young children.



Jared Zystro, Research & Education Assistant Director
Contact: jared@seedalliance.org
Jared Zystro is OSA's research and education assistant director. He has a master’s degree in plant breeding and plant genetics from the University of Wisconsin. Jared has worked in the organic seed industry for over 15 years, managing seed production at two farms and conducting research and education projects with OSA. In his work at OSA, he manages OSA's regional development in California, conducts participatory breeding projects and variety trials, and teaches farmers about seed production and plant breeding at workshops, conferences and field days. Jared lives in the coastal town of Arcata, CA with his wife Lisa and son Toby.

Zystro, J., N. de Leon, and W. Tracy. 2012. Analysis of Traits Related to Weed Competitiveness in Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.). Sustainability, 4:543-560.


Zyskowski, J.P. 2009. Genetics of Traits Relating to Weed Competitiveness in Sweet Corn (Zea mays L.). M.S. Thesis, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.




Kristina (Kiki) Hubbard, Advocacy & Communications Director

Contact: kristina@seedalliance.org

Kristina (Kiki) Hubbard is the director of advocacy and communications for Organic Seed Alliance. She's worked for more than a decade as a researcher, writer, and organizer on projects involving agricultural biotechnology, antitrust issues in the seed industry, and organic seed. Hubbard leads OSA's efforts to promote policies that support the growth and success of organic seed systems across the US and is the lead author of our State of Organic Seed report (2016). Hubbard lives in Missoula, Montana, with her husband and son.


Hubbard, K. and N. Hassanein. 2013. Confronting coexistence in the United States: organic agriculture, genetic engineering, and the case of Roundup Ready alfalfa. Agriculture and Human Values, 30(3): 325-336.



Cathleen McCluskey, Communications & Outreach Associate
Contact: cathleen@seedalliance.org
Cathleen McCluskey is the communications and outreach associate for OSA. She is a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where she studied Agricultural Systems Analysis, coordinated food sovereignty campaigns, and organized for federal-level public engagement regarding issues of market concentration in the agriculture sector. Cathleen supports all OSA communications, leads the organization’s design work, and organizes the biennial Organic Seed Growers Conference. She lives in the San Juan Islands where she helps run the Orcas Island Seed Library.



Laurie McKenzie, Research & Education Associate, Northwest Region

Contact: laurie@seedalliance.org

Laurie McKenzie is the research and education assistant for OSA. She holds a master’s degree in plant breeding and genetics from Oregon State University, where her research focused on breeding for organic systems. Laurie has over 10 years of experience in the organic farming and seed world, having spent considerable time doing both production and direct marketing. At OSA Laurie is involved in coordinating field work for breeding and variety trial projects, writing educational guides and materials, and co-teaching on-farm workshops. She lives in Port Townsend, Washington, where she can often be found rowing out on the bay and frolicking on the beach with her dog.



Brook Brouwer, Research and Education Associate

Contact: brook@seedalliance.org

Brook Brouwer is a research and education associate for OSA. He has a PhD in Crop Science from Washington State University where he studied barley and dry bean production, genetics, and plant breeding for regional food systems. Brook has worked on diverse livestock farms and conducted nitrogen cycling and botany research in mountain, floodplain, and island ecosystems. In his work with OSA he is assisting with research and education and convening stakeholders to strengthen plant breeding for organic production. Brook currently lives in Port Townsend, WA where he is surround by two of his favorite things: mountains and oceans.


Brouwer, B., K. Murphy, and S. Jones. 2015. Plant breeding for local food systems. A contextual review of end-use selection for small grains and dry beans in western Washington. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. FirstView.


Brouwer, B., K. Atterberry, and C. Miles. 2015. Commercial dry bean production in western Washington. EM092E. Washington State University Extension Publication.


Brouwer, B.O. 2015. Plant Breeding For Regional Food Systems: Investigating Craft Malt, Disease Resistance and Production Potential of Barley and Dry Beans in Western Washington. Doctoral Dissertation. Washington State University, Pullman, WA.



Jennifer Turney, Financial Manager

Contact: jennifer@seedalliance.org

Jennifer Turney brings years of financial management experience to the OSA team. She has created and maintained systems for a diversity of non-profit and for-profit businesses including creating tools for budgeting, financial tracking, grant management, and state and federal compliance. She also brings a wealth of personal experience in farming and the arts including fiber arts, landscaping, and food preservation. She resides in Port Townsend, Washington with her two lamas, three sheep,and apple orchard on a historic homestead. 

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