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The Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative represents a network of farmers who identify themselves as "seed stewards." To join the network, you must be a farmer who produces, saves, or improves at least one seed variety on your farm for commercial production or on-farm use. You may also be a farmer who conducts on-farm research or variety trials. As a seed steward, you support the following statement and principles:


Farmers who produce, save, or improve seed are central to expanding agricultural diversity and innovation. As a seed steward, I believe seed is an invaluable natural resource, and that I play an important role in managing seed in a manner that improves food quality, safeguards seed diversity for future generations, and advances organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. I support the development of seed policy that adheres to the following principles:


  • Farmers have inherent rights, including the ability to produce, save, and improve seed.
  • Conserving, improving, and developing regionally adapted seed is essential for the success of farmers, organic agriculture, and the greater global food supply.
  • Access to diverse seed options enhances innovation and reverses the negative impacts of concentrated ownership of seed, patents on life, and restrictive licensing.
  • Given the known risks of genetically engineered traits contaminating seed, the genetic integrity of seed must be protected.
  • Public research should be aligned with the diverse and regional needs of farmers and the communities they serve.


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