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Helping organic farmers, beginning with seed

Organic farmers need seeds that thrive without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and are adapted to their local climate and environmental conditions. The organic community needs more farmers who are trained to produce organic seed for themselves and for seed companies selling to other growers. OSA serves farmers through:

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The science of organic breeding

Organic Seed Alliance is a collaborator in organic plant breeding projects across the US. We work with farmers, universities, the seed industry, and agricultural organizations through participatory research models to deliver new regionally adapted crop varieties that meet the diverse production and market needs of organic agriculture. OSA serves researchers through:

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Organic integrity begins with seed

OSA is a leading voice in organic seed advocacy. We promote policies and actions that protect farmer and plant breeder rights, and support the development of organic seed systems. OSA educates seed advocates on the benefits of organic seed and how we can advance important seed policy.

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Good food begins with good seed

Organic consumers and food businesses have a stake in seed, since that's how most of our food begins. Unfortunately, much of the organic food sold is grown from non-organic seed -- seed that may have been developed with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. OSA is advancing seed systems that embrace the values of the organic movement to deliver more organic seed to farmers. Businesses can support us through:

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